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Life's a Competition... Dream Bigger, Work Harder and

Compete with Passion

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Choose Your Competition Range!

Scrimmage against teams who's skill levels are similar, higher or lower.

Listing Includes Teams "General Availability" (ex: practice times,etc.)

Makes scheduling a scrimmage a whole lot easier!

Schedule Offseason Scrimmages 

Keep you team sharp and engaged throughout the year


Traveling to a Tournament ?  Find a Scrimmage in every State/County

Schedule scrimmages in multiple Cities, States, host multiple scrimmages, create your own scrimmage tournament, the possibilities are endless!

Organizational Teams

  • Town Travel & School Teams

  • Independent Organizations

  • Individuals (e.g. Tennis)

  • Town Adults Over 30, 40+


List Your Business!

  • Clinics, Camps & Tournaments

  • Training/Coaching

  • Uniforms, Equipment Co.'s

  • Ask about Partnership Opportunities


More Cool Stuff

  • Request a Referee

  • Take your Game on the Road!

  • Create Your Own Tournaments

  • Reserve Field/Courts


  • Neighborhood Teams

  • Corporate Teams

  • Restaurant/Bar Teams

  • Friends/Group Teams


Organizational Teams

Schedule or Accept Scrimmages, Games & Tournaments,  within your Town, County, State or travel out of State! 

  • Play during the "Off-season", keep your team sharp and engaged throughout the year

  • Replace practice and use scheduled Field/Court time to "host" a scrimmage.

  • Split the Cost; You can Request or offer to share the cost to Reserve Field/Courts with opponent.

  • Opportunity to play teams of different skill levels and physical makeup (Older, Younger, Bigger, Taller, Faster etc.)

  • Game play or Instructional Scrimmages, possibilities are endless. Run new plays, try players in new positions, etc. Coaches can use scrimmages in various ways to help improve their teams performance.

  • Traveling to a Tournament?  Schedule a scrimmage local to Tournament area before the Big Game!

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Using Today's Technology to bring back the "Old School" concept



Thinking about putting a team together, but can't commit to a leagues set schedule? 

Friends, Neighborhood Groups (Bars/Restaurant), Co-Workers, Kids, Adults, Over 30, 40, 50 and more... Possibilities are endless!

Time to get the Team back together! 

More Cool Stuff

Option to Hire a Referee

Whether it's a Scrimmage, Game or Tournament, hiring a Referee for your event is just a click away.

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  • Make your own schedule, Play without the schedule commitment of an Organized League!

  • Create your own Local Tournament.  Create a 1-day multiteam  "round robin" or "Best of" 3 or 5 games by simply posting tournament dates on Scrimmage-Me.

  • Create your own "Travel Tournament".  Accept multiple scrimmages posted outside your Town, County or State.

  • Parents can make their own neighborhood group page!  Organize kids activities within the group or play against other neighborhood groups.

  • From Softball to Wiffleball, Paintball to Cornhole... we have your sport!  (See full list of activities below) 

  • Play 2 on 2's, 3 on 3's, 5 on 5's, etc.

Field/Court Reservations 

Reserving a Field or Court can be easily done directly from the Scimmage-Me website for your convenience.

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     If You Got the Passion... We have your Game!

Our Activity & Sport List

From Football & Baseball to Paintball, Bowling and more!

Scrimmage-Me's Goal was to provide a platform that encourages people of all ages & gender to be more physically and socially active regardless of the sport or activity.   

  • Badminton

  • Beach Volleyball

    • 2 vs 2​

    • 6 vs 6

    • 9 vs 9

  • Baseball

    • Stickball

    • Wiffleball

  • Basketball

    • Full Court​

    • 2 on 2

    • 3 on 3

    • 4 on 4

    • Over 30, 40+

  • Bocce Ball

  • Bowliing

  • Cards

    • Texas Hold-em​

    • 5 Card Poker

    • 7 Card Poker

  • Chess

  • Cricket

  • Cornhole

  • Croquet

  • Cycling

  • Darts

  • Dodgeball

  • Fencing

  • Hockey

    • Ice Hockey​

    • Roller Hockey

    • Street Hockey

    • Field Hockey

  • Flying

    • Model Planes

    • Pigeons

  • Frisbee

    • Football Frisbee

    • Golf/Disc Frisbee

  • Fooseball

  • Football

    • Flag​

    • Touch

    • Touch/Tackle

    • Tackle

    • Over 30, 40

  • Golf

    • Single

    • Two-some

    • Three-some's

    • Four-somes

  • Handball

  • Horseshoes

  • KickBall

  • Lacrosse

  • Paddle ball

  • Padel Tennis

  • Paint ball

  • Pickleball

  • Polo

  • Soccer

    • (3 v 3)​  to (11 vs 11)

  • Softball

    • Arc

    • Modified

  • Tennis

    • Singles​

    • Doubles

  • Volleyball 

    • 6 vs 6

    • 9 vs 9

*NOTE: All games and sports listed above must reach minimum particpation requirements to be activated in your County/State.

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